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Making a web admin panel for Kodular apps

I've been looking into a block-based programming tool called Kodular recently. I do have quite a bit of experience in text-based programming, but I was looking for a tool that would let me quickly prototype ideas. I found out that many apps developed with the platform had in-app admin panels that people had made themselves, which I thought was neat. But then I realized after looking into some details, that these admin panels had major security holes that malicious users were already taking advantage of. So I built Panel. Panel is a web admin panel for Kodular apps that has security best practices built in, is powered by the blockchain (hehe block-based programming and blockchain), and requires minimal modification to set up. Developing Panel Panel was not the easiest project to take on, but not really the hardest either. I decided to go with Blockstack for decentralized blockchain storage, after considering many options including centralized databases. I chose Blockstack since it