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My latest app: Collage!

Today, I'm proud to present my latest app, Collage! Collage lets you drag and drop anything into an online workspace where you can work together with anyone, without any logins. It started as a side project, but it got more and more challenging. After around a week, I had a working text editor. I added drag-and-drop, and real-time collaboration (which took a few days).

After several bugfixes, and my hosting company complaining about me pushing updates too fast, I posted Collage on Product Hunt, not expecting much (my projects never really got much attention).

This was around the end of the day.

Today, I woke up to a surprise. 17 people had upvoted Collage, and it was on the first page of Product Hunt! This is what happens when you don't give up, people!

If you want to try Collage by yourself, you can do so at And if you're feeling generous, you can also upvote me on Product Hunt below!

Collage - Drag and drop productivity. | Product Hunt Embed


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I made a tablet

I made a tablet that runs Chromium OS (the open source version of Chrome OS, the OS on Chromebooks). I made it using a 10.1" touchscreen display and a Raspberry Pi 4 computer. For portability, I bought a 12-volt battery pack and a battery monitor. I fit it into a small cardboard box, which looks like this:

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I actually started with a Raspberry Pi 3B instead of the new Pi 4, but I decided to buy the Raspberry Pi 4 to help the tablet work faster.
That's all! Bye!

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This Book on Goodreads:
My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
My Review: In A Taxonomy of Love, a boy named Spencer with Tourette syndrome learns about taxonomies and starts making taxonomies of everything, hoping to fit everything into neat little boxes. But when he meets Hope, everything that has to do with him changes. Hope is the girl who doesn't make fun of him. He starts trying to map out what's happening (love, if you can't guess) and he finds out that life doesn't fit into categories. I think the following is what the book is meant to teach: "Life is messy, and thats what makes it beautiful." This is proven when his relationship with Hope is taken away by his older brother, Dean. Things get messy as Hope is a couple with Dean and then Spencer is a couple with a girl named Jayla. Relationships switch around until... they're back where they started and they aren't in an infinite loop. Hopefully.
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