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My latest app: Collage!

Today, I'm proud to present my latest app, Collage! Collage lets you drag and drop anything into an online workspace where you can work together with anyone, without any logins. It started as a side project, but it got more and more challenging. After around a week, I had a working text editor. I added drag-and-drop, and real-time collaboration (which took a few days). After several bugfixes, and my hosting company complaining about me pushing updates too fast, I posted Collage on Product Hunt, not expecting much (my projects never really got much attention). This was around the end of the day. Today, I woke up to a surprise. 17 people had upvoted Collage, and it was on the first page of Product Hunt! This is what happens when you don't give up, people! If you want to try Collage by yourself, you can do so at . And if you're feeling generous, you can also upvote me on Product Hunt below!

How to make a fancy parallax scrolling website

This is my parallax scrolling website. The parallax effect is when objects in the background appear to move slower than the objects in the foreground when perspective is changed. I recently drew this picture of the ISS, and I decided to use it on the website. First, I exported each of the layers in the drawing as PNG files (I drew it in Procreate). Then, I added them all to a website using div elements (with background images set to the images) set up with CSS to lay on top of each other. Using an awesome JS library called Rellax, I added a parallax scrolling effect. And here's the code!