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Book Review: Dragonfly Song

My review of Dragonfly Song by Wendy Orr 10/10 rating I think that Dragonfly Song is a great book. In this great book, a girl named Aissa is born with an extra finger, which is cut off. But, since this didn't exactly make her perfect, she was abandoned. Soon, she is seen as "the cursed child" . She becomes a slave. But, things get better. She is picked to be a bull dancer and survives. You will be amazed how she goes from zero to hero. Click here to read a free sample of Dragonfly Song.

My first "real" font!

I made a font. I call it "It's a First". It may be imperfect and missing a lot of stuff, but it's a first (ha). You can download it FOR FREE below.

I won 3 awards at the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair!

On March 13, I won the following awards for my science fair project: Earl S. Rommel Communication Award Superior Achievement from MSEC Most Superior Achievement from Rider University For pictures, click here . 

Book Review: The Van Gogh Deception

Book Review The Van Gogh Deception A book by Deron Hicks The Van Gogh Deception is one of the best books that I have ever read. In this book, a boy with no memory who was found in the National Gallery tries to put together the puzzle of his memories. After he is taken to the home of a nice lady, he visits the same museum where he was found with her and her talkative daughter, he runs straight out of it. He starts being chased by the team of the person who attempted one of the biggest ever art frauds. He doesn't know why he's being chased. But as his memories come back to him, he discovers what he needs to do and stops this big art fraud.