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In Germany Right Now!

I just got through customs. Waiting for Dad to rent a car. Just waiting with my dog. Yeah. But, don't get me wrong, I am excited! I went crazy when the plane landed.

I'm releasing a message in a bottle.

I'm releasing a message in a bottle in New Jersey soon before the move to Germany. See if you can find it! Read on Twitter

Moving in a few hours!

I'm moving to Germany in a few hours! So exciting! Stay posted!

Book Review: Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield

Book on Goodreads Book Sample Book ISBN  978-1-4814-2234-5 My Review  Afterworlds is about a young author named Darcy who chooses writing over college and publishes a book called Afterworlds. Yes. A book inside a book. Bookception. Anyway, she's also fallen in love with a writer friend named Imogen (huh, I have a friend named Imogen, NO, DO NOT GO OO-OO-OOH AT ME). In alternating chapters of the book is Darcy's novel. It's about a girl named Lizzie who finds a way in to the afterworld and realizes that she is a spirit guide―a person who's supposed to protect ghosts from 'predators'. I think both Darcy's story and Lizzie's story are both very interesting and I think everyone should read this book. My Rating  10/10 In a Phrase  "Very interesting and a must-read"

Moving to Germany

Tomorrow, I'm moving to Germany! I'm German, so this means a lot to me. I'm really excited. I've been to Germany before. I love German bread. I love how stores have machines that dispense yummy pretzels. Mmm...

Point Pleasant 2018

I went to Point Pleasant Beach again and yes, I lost something. It was a bucket. Well, no big deal. I found something, too: A stick. This stick was big but not too big and was really tough. I used it to make random holes in the sand. Fun stuff! I don't have any pictures because I didn't bring my new camera. You probably know why if you read my last beach-related blog post (it was a year ago, so search the archives for 2017).

Book Review: Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

Free Book Sample Book ISBN   978-0-06-233571-5 My Review  In the book Radio Silence, Frances Javier (known as Toulouse online), a fan of a YouTube podcast called Universe City is offered a position as artist for that podcast. When she meets the mysterious Creator of Universe City, Aled, she accidentally reveals the secret. Carys, Aled's sister runs away and Aled is deeply depressed. He shuts down Universe City. Frances and her friends bring Carys and Aled together again and Aled and Frances start Universe City up again with a live performance. I think this book is great because it shows the ups and downs of friendships and how life can be. Overall, I give this book a 10 out of 10 rating. My Rating  10/10

A Fork in the Road

I wrote a digest of The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make by Sean Covey . Read on Dropbox Read on Google Docs

New Look

Cedric Today hasn't gotten any sort of design tweaks in a while, so, I gave the blog a new look! What do you think?

134 pageviews in one day!?

I checked my stats and I found this: Thank you! I was amazed and surprised when I saw this. Again, thank you so much. EDIT : 134 and counting! EDIT : 140!? EDIT : 156!? WHAT!? This is amazing!

My Minecraft Server

I'm starting a Minecraft server called Cubix. Want to help fund it? Go to  and click on one of the donation buttons.


I'm starting a business called Geschafft. The word "geschafft" is "made" in German. What do you think about the following slogan? We make, so you can do. 

Book Review: Is it Night or Day? by Fern Schumer Chapman

Book Link : Book Awards : 2011 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year My Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My Review : In Is it Night or Day? , Jewish twelve-year-old Edith has to move from Germany to Chicago because of Hitler and the Nazis. Plus, who parents can't come with her. THOSE NAZIS ARE SO EVIL! WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO BE SO MEAN!? IT'S "JEWS", NOT "FILTHY JEWS" BY THE WAY! Fine, I'll try to calm down, but WHEN EDITH WAVED TO HER PARENTS, PEOPLE THOUGHT SHE WAS DOING SOME WEIRD NAZI SIGNAL THING! Her aunt and uncle in Chicago did not want her in their house. She is placed in first grade because she can't speak English. The government soon sees her as an "enemy alien", making things even worse. Soon, her parents die in a concentration camp. At the end of the book, you may end up asking, "Is it night or day? A beginning or an ending?"

Book Review: A Taxonomy of Love by Rachael Allen

This Book on Goodreads : My Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My Review : In A Taxonomy of Love, a boy named Spencer with Tourette syndrome learns about taxonomies and starts making taxonomies of everything, hoping to fit everything into neat little boxes. But when he meets Hope, everything that has to do with him changes. Hope is the girl who doesn't make fun of him. He starts trying to map out what's happening (love, if you can't guess) and he finds out that life doesn't fit into categories. I think the following is what the book is meant to teach: "Life is messy, and thats what makes it beautiful." This is proven when his relationship with Hope is taken away by his older brother, Dean. Things get messy as Hope is a couple with Dean and then Spencer is a couple with a girl named Jayla. Relationships switch around until... they're back where they started and they aren't in an infinite loop. Hopefully. Th

Book Review: Kids Like Us

Book Webpage : My Rating : ∞/10 My Review : Kids Like Us is about a boy with autism named Martin who falls in love with a French girl named Alice. Martin mistakes Alice for a book character named Gilberte. When he realizes that Alice is a real person, Martin falls in love with her. There's a lot of suspense. You don't know when it's going to end, but you just know it will end well. I also think that Kids Like Us is a great way to teach that people who are different can still connect with "normal" people. After all, we're all part of the same species. The way that Kids Like Us puts that is just amazing. It is so well written that anyone can end up having that feeling where you just need to cry. I think that I've fallen in love with this book. How Overdue This Review Is : A lot.

Book Review: Helen Keller: From Tragedy To Triumph

Helen Keller: From Tragedy To Triumph by Katharine Wilkie my rating: ∞/10 my review: In Helen Keller: From Tragedy To Triumph , a girl named Helen Keller who cannot speak, hear, or see is taught by a young teacher named Anne Sullivan how to do things that most blind and deaf people couldn't imagine. She quickly met many famous people, who were also nice. They helped her learn many things. Anne and Helen also had many adventures together. At the end, Helen was able to read and speak. It's surprising what people can do without being able to see or hear. You should keep in mind that this is a review for a biography, so all of this happened in real life. She still couldn't see or hear, but she went from tragedy to triumph.




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Book Review: Dragonfly Song

My review of Dragonfly Song by Wendy Orr 10/10 rating I think that Dragonfly Song is a great book. In this great book, a girl named Aissa is born with an extra finger, which is cut off. But, since this didn't exactly make her perfect, she was abandoned. Soon, she is seen as "the cursed child" . She becomes a slave. But, things get better. She is picked to be a bull dancer and survives. You will be amazed how she goes from zero to hero. Click here to read a free sample of Dragonfly Song.

My first "real" font!

I made a font. I call it "It's a First". It may be imperfect and missing a lot of stuff, but it's a first (ha). You can download it FOR FREE below.

I won 3 awards at the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair!

On March 13, I won the following awards for my science fair project: Earl S. Rommel Communication Award Superior Achievement from MSEC Most Superior Achievement from Rider University For pictures, click here . 

Book Review: The Van Gogh Deception

Book Review The Van Gogh Deception A book by Deron Hicks The Van Gogh Deception is one of the best books that I have ever read. In this book, a boy with no memory who was found in the National Gallery tries to put together the puzzle of his memories. After he is taken to the home of a nice lady, he visits the same museum where he was found with her and her talkative daughter, he runs straight out of it. He starts being chased by the team of the person who attempted one of the biggest ever art frauds. He doesn't know why he's being chased. But as his memories come back to him, he discovers what he needs to do and stops this big art fraud.

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