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I wrote another essay!

Book : See You in the Cosmos by Jack Cheng My Review : In "See You in the Cosmos", Alex Petroski goes to the Southwest High-Altitude Rocket Festival (SHARF) to launch his golden iPod into space. While he is there, he checks his email expecting a message from his friend Benji, but all that he sees is a notification from a website that automatically generates a family tree using government records. He signs into the website and finds out that there is a person with the same name and birthday as his long-dead father. After his failed rocket launch, Alex searches for his "maybe" dad. He thinks that his dad might actually be alive and that the person with the same name and birthday as is dad could be his dad. Alex meets many people along the way and uncovers many secrets. This story is very inspiring and I highly recommend that you read "See You In the Cosmos".  My Rating : ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 5

A Quick Post: Wall!

Twitter I made a @Padlet wall!

The Problem with Free WiFi

WiFi hotspots are awesome. Free WiFi hotspots are even better. However, free WiFi is not available most of the time. Why is that so? You might think that free WiFi is completely free. It’s in the name. However, the people and organizations providing the free WiFi have to pay a lot of money while you pay nothing and enjoy your free wireless Internet connection. Many organizations providing WiFi hotspots will require users to pay. Money in, WiFi out. The organizations get money from their hotspots’ users. They use this money to maintain their hotspots... Watch video for full content.

Gravity Simulator

I made a game called Gravity Simulator. Play it online at . In this game, you click to make a "planet" in the game. Try keeping the planets from being destroyed by the star!


Introducing wappOS.  A home for PHP-based apps. Simply put it on your server root and use it via the web-based interface ( wappOS would not have been possible without QuiXplorer and Unzipper.  Get wappOS


Introducing SuperPress. The best website builder yet.  And it's based off of WordPress, one of the best platforms for websites and blogs ever.  Get SuperPress   Don't be restricted by price. SuperPress is free.  Actually free? Yes, actually free.  You choose what hosting service you use.  Don't be restricted by website builders that can only be hosted on the hosting service in that website builder. SuperPress can be installed on whatever hosting service you want, or even a server that you own (physically). I recommend using InfinityFree for hosting. 

Lost Action Camera

I was trying to film waves at the beach (Bradshaw's Beach in  Point Pleasant Beach ) up close, but a large one took my camera (a JEEMAK 4K Action Cam 16MP WiFi ). There was no sign of it anywhere. If you find my camera, notify me at [email protected]  to get in touch. DO NOT try to recover corrupted data from the camera unless you are very experienced. If you return the camera, you will get $30. Here are some photos of me from Dad's phone. These will help you find out whether or not you found the right camera. Try comparing these photos to the ones on the camera if you find it. If the photos on the camera are corrupted, please contact me with the email address above .

Introducing Keyfinder!

Keyfinder is a tool that you can use to recover your lost Windows product keys. Download it below (your antivirus may block it). Download 32-bit Download 64-bit

#Eclipse2017 Measurements

During  #Eclipse2017 , I made some measurements with Google Science Journal . A scrollshot of my results is above. Scrollshot made with EMUI 5.0 by Huawei

My Essay About: Anton and Cecil, Cats on Track

Yup, another essay. Click here to read it.

My Essay About: Rain Reign

Another essay? Yes, another essay. This one is about Rain Reign . Click here to read this essay.

My Essay about: Kat, Incorrigible

my essay about: Kat, Incorrigible I wrote an essay about the book Kat, Incorrigible. Click here to see it.

Art Museum

Today, I visited an art museum called Princeton University Art Museum . I saw lots of amazing artwork there. I also learned about polychromy . I got to see several of Paul Cézanne 's paintings. You can click here  to see some photos (since I didn't bring a camera or phone to take pictures with, I only have photos of some artwork I found in some free books the museum provided and yes, the museum allows people to take these books home NOTE: They aren't necessarily books, but I call them books). A panorama of the artwork on the covers of the "books" next to each other:

Spelling Bee

I won the Slackwood 2017 Spelling Bee! I won the spelling bee at @SlackwoodSchool ! — Cedric Kim (@KimCedric08) June 19, 2017


Do you use Scratch but wish you could embed it on your website as HTML? Now you can.

My new website!

Hello, and welcome to my new website. I decided to keep using Blogger because they added a theme with Material Design! I hope you love it!

The Girl Who Drank the Moon

📕 The Girl Who Drank the Moon I read a cool book called The Girl Who Drank the Moon. You can view my summary here . This book is pretty long and it takes a lot of time to finish reading. There are a few sad parts, but there are good ones. If you want me to rate how good it is from 1 to 5, I would say 5. 


I received a robot called Sphero , which has the shape of a ball. Take a look at this: Yup, that's Sphero. Specifically, it's a Sphero SPRK+ . This Sphero can be programmed with Sphero SPRK Lightning Lab. This is how an SPRK Lightning Lab program looks like: That program there is meant to make Sphero try to run away from you. You have to chase him when this program is running! Don't worry, there is a stop button. When I'm finished, I'll post the program on this website. When I post it, you'll be able to instantly run it thanks to the Sphero Javascript API . I have a plan, but I'll keep that a secret until I'm finished . By the way, you can make a lot of things with Sphero. You can even use Sphero as a motor for some sort of machine that you're making. Sphero is even waterproof, so you can put in a tub and play with it while you're taking a bath. Well, for that, your phone will need to be waterproof or have a waterproof case because

I made a hologram

Look at what I made!  I made this thing to project holograms. It looks like this:  Pretty cool, huh? Just so you know, I used a neat little photography trick here in case that caused confusion. This little thing is super easy to make, so don't freak out about it.  In case you didn't know, holograms are 3D images that change when you move to a different point of view.  I'll show you how to make it in a short little book. Click here to see it. When I put this hologram projector on a phone/tablet and load up a special type of video, the hologram projects. 

New Website: May change plans

Have you been waiting for my new website? Well, I don't know if I should actually make the new website. What do you think? Should I make the new website? Click the button below to give your response.    POLL CLOSED