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Working on new website

Hi and I'm not sure if I like this font for everything.
I, um...

(fonts may not display correctly on all devices)

OK. But this is not really my favorite. 
(This font should look like Arial minus the text 
under Updates.)
So... I'm working on my new website now!

Designed with Autodesk Sketchbook

I hope to release the new website soon! 
Why am I making a new website? 
This website is actually a blog made using Blogger
Using it is supposed to simplify the process but there are 
limitations that also apply for every website/blog creator. First of all, 
you probably can't do anything really fancy. For example, 
you can't hope to make a system using web accounts that will 
actually allow any special functions like favorite posts. Also, if you want your 
website to look nice, website/blog creators claim that they got it all! ...but they 
don't. For example, Blogger doesn't really have Material Design, a design 
language that makes components like flat sheets of paper w…

Idea of new website

This information has been deleted due to the fact that the information previously displayed here was found to be incorrect or faulty. I apologize for any inconvenience.