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I created my own program!

Hi. I've been working on and debugging a program I created called WriteAgain.  To use it, you type in a text string. Then, you type in a number. After, that it writes your text on the screen repeating over and over again until it had repeated until the number of how much of the same text is equal to your number. To download WriteAgain, click here .

Apps I created

Did you know that I can MAKE  apps? I use MIT App Inventor 2  to create my own apps. Want to see my apps ? Click here to see my FREE apps! NOTE: Click on that link if you want, but the apps have been removed and if I ever make more, I probably won't use MIT App Inventor.


I've got some BAD BAD news for you.                                 :( First, I was watching an episode of NOVA from PBS.......  that said........................................................................... OCEAN...HABI-HABI-HABITATS ARE (sobsobsobCRY)...beautiful oceans have.... (SOBSOBCRY) ...(crycrycrysobsobcry)... har-har-harm-harm-harmed I mean... NOOOO! Okay, maybe I was worrying too much.  WHAT I WAS TRYING TO SAY:  Ocean habitats are being harmed. OH NO! WHY I SAID IT:  I think oceans are beautiful and that they should NOT be destroyed.  HELP SUPPORT OCEAN HABITATS:  Don't litter around. Pick up trash. Don't throw just anything in oceans. 


My dad downloaded a cool software on my computer. The software is called Blender. If you want to download Blender ,click on Download Blender,which is found on the bottom of the post. Download Blender (It's free) Older versions   See Blender files CEDRIC HOMEPAGE    LEARN MORE ABOUT BLENDER    DOWNLOAD BLENDER


 On Scratch,you can program your own games,animations,media and more! The cost? It's free. I have an account on Scratch,but my username is Shiyoung ,not Cedric. Clicking on the animation below will lead you to my profile on Scratch.

Bug Fixes!

Cedric website news:Bug fixes! The bugs like adsvertisments are removed! Oh,don't worry about the NOT trustworthy ! It's ALL FIXED!!! Thanks for reading this. If you see any more bugs on the website, contact us .

How to make a battery

I made a battery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An ORANGE FRUIT battery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's easy Here is what you will need: 1 cup or bowl (Optional) water and  lemon juice or 1 orange 1 penny made out of copper 1 nail made out of zinc 1 multimeter 2 alligator clips How to create: First take the orange or you can use a bowl with water and lemon juice mix  instead of an orange. Get a penny made out of copper.Take out a nail made out of zinc.Insert the penny and the nail into the orange if you are using an orange.If you are using a cup or bowl,pour in the water and lemon juice  and dip the penny and nail inside while it is attached to the alligator clips.Even if you are using the orange,use the alligator clips.Get out the multimeter.Change the mode to voltage.Attach the other ends of the alligator clips to the probe on the multimeter.As you push the penny and nail down to the orange,the number on the multimeter goes up.But if you are using a bowl,it is the