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Raking leaves

I raked some leaves today. It is fun to rake leaves!

Eraser Machine

Eraser machine I made this machine. Here are the instructions how to use this machine. This also shows how to build the machine. It is made out of paper, but it really works! It is called a Eraser Machine. It is also called a Line Maker Machine. Eraser Machine -Erases or clears papers -Can erase pencil and crayon -cannot erase crayon easily. -Super easy to erase pencil. -Cannot erase everything. Line maker machine -Can make lines with every drawing and writing tools. -Only makes this line:| -Lines will be long You can use this machine for a lot more things. You can also make new names for the machine as you use it for different stuff. You can build this machine too! Eraser Machine>Erased paper Line maker machine>Paper with lines