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My 2nd robot

My 2nd robot This is my 2nd robot! And look,when you move your hand until it is very close...  ..................................................... the robot...   ...the robot... ...GOES LIKE...


Raking leaves

I raked some leaves today. It is fun to rake leaves!

Eraser Machine

Eraser machine

I made this machine. Here are the instructions how to use this machine. This also shows how to build the machine. It is made out of paper, but it really works! It is called a Eraser Machine. It is also called a Line Maker Machine.
Eraser Machine
-Erases or clears papers -Can erase pencil and crayon -cannot erase crayon easily. -Super easy to erase pencil. -Cannot erase everything.

Line maker machine
-Can make lines with every drawing and writing tools. -Only makes this line:| -Lines will be long

You can use this machine for a lot more things. You can also make new names for the machine as you use it for different stuff. You can build this machine too!

Eraser Machine>Erased paper

Line maker machine>Paper with lines


Here are my Halloween pumpkins.

Yasmin from Germany

I received a gift from Yasmin, my friend in Germany

Yasmin gave all these gifts to me. Yasmin is my friend in Germany. I wrote a lot of letters, made gifts to her.

QR Code

Do you know what QR Code is?

Scan it and see where the code takes you. It takes you to this website,that is!

My first pet robot

My pet robot
I'm rewarded with mindstorms for my good behavior at the dentist
 IR Remote/Beacon

my first Robot I assembled him together with my Mom
-More to come soon-

Rubik's Cube is Fun!

Rubik's Cube is Fun!
my instruction how to do it

page 1

 page 2 this is the rubik's cube

if you want to learn more about rubik's cube ..

then click on the picture

I'm singing

I'm singing a series of songs from barnyard moosical

Barnyard moosical

when pigs fly

Funky chicken strut

A cow's chorus line

gourmet goat cheese pizza

The Printer I made

I made a Printer!  Front view
 Paper being printed inside
 Control panel with buttons, light, and one small screen
 I'm showing the part of printer - roller
 Right side
Left side



Second Tooth

My second tooth fell out! It's fun. Falling out in a row

Losing baby tooth

My tooth falls out!
I'm going to recommend today a great site where you can play math game!
Click on the image to go to the site

My recommendation I love these web sites. I am sure you will too. 

just click on picture you like

Book reading: Now and Ben

The book I'm reading: "Now and Ben" part1

listen to part1

more to come soon

First Invention

My First Invention massage machine

by Cedric Kim (E-Mail: [email protected])